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Little jack's has lots of different animals including goats, sheep, ponies, donkeys, chickens, pigs, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits as well as a lot of species of small aviary birds. They're all friendly and love to be fed by anyone! 

Our hand reared calf, William, still lives with us and loves to be stroked and fed by people as he has grown up with humans. He gets very excited when he sees food and enjoys running around his pen. 

We have a walk through chicken pen. This means that you can get upclose with our rescue hens as they love to be fed and aren't afraid of people.

These are our two goats that were born and raised here, their names are Blizzard and Storm. They're both girls and love to play together in their enclosure.

We have a lot of different types of goat. There are pygmy goats of all different colours, an Anglo-Nubian goat named peanut, a Danish landrace goat and a few dairy goats.

We have seven pigs on our farm: one saddle back pig who is a lot bigger than the others, four saddle back crosses which means they look very similar but are much smaller and two Kunekune called Buster and Babe. Kunekune pigs originate from New Zealand and are friendly pigs which is why they make such a great addition to our farm.    

There are four ponies on the farm, two very friendly Welsh mountain ponies named Teddy and Dandy who always want feeding and stroking by the visitors and two Shetland ponies called Toby and Jack, who the farm is named after.